Brand Story

In 2000, a brand was established with a simple name--G&G,which means good products and good services; However, this name contains the basis of a brand's long-term development. G&G always insist on delivering high quality products and services.

The Emperor Penguin

In 2003, G&G organized a trip to the Antarctic named “To experience the very nature”. There is a beautiful creature, Emperor penguins, living in the Antarctic; however, because of the human activities, the climate has been changing, which brought challenges to the survival of emperor penguins. We hope to remind people of caring the environment. Therefore, G&G has made penguins as the mascots.


• Patent safe:with a professional R&D team with 500 technicians and 15 years’ experience; with more than 1000 patents (the number is still increasing); G&G will take the responsibility if there is patented problem, and devotes to provide safe and effective printing solutions.


Compliance and Certifications

Our research and development team strictly follow the standard of STMC, and all the materials procured must meet the requirement of RoHS and REACH. With its excellent printing performance, G&G has had satisfactory result in evaluation by various third-party testing organizations.



Industry Solutions


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